Industries we Service

Precision GPR serves a variety of industries that require non-destructive testing methods to identify potential issues and ensure the safety and structural integrity of their buildings and infrastructure. Some of the industries we serve include:


We work with construction companies to provide concrete scanning services for various types of construction projects. This includes identifying the location of existing utilities and structures, as well as detecting potential issues like voids or rebar congestion. Our services keep workers on site safe as well as help prevent costly delays and damage to existing structures during the construction process.


Our services are also used by engineering firms to ensure the safety and structural integrity of existing buildings and infrastructure. We can provide rebar and conduit detection, void detection, and thickness determination services to identify potential issues and recommend repairs or maintenance. We provide these results on a detailed report that makes it easy to understand our detailed data.


Property Management

If the property management group is responsible for maintaining an older building or property, Precision GPR provides GPR scanning to identify crucial hidden elements. This information can help with maintenance and repair work and can also be used to identify potential safety hazards or compliance issues. By working with a Precision GPR a property management group can ensure the safety and structural integrity of their buildings and properties and can also save time and money by avoiding costly repairs and delays.


Concrete scanning with GPR technology has been essential to hospitals by ensuring the safety and integrity of their buildings. Hospitals rely heavily on concrete structures to support their critical medical equipment and provide safe and secure environments for their patients, staff, and visitors. Concrete scanning with GPR technology allows hospital administrators to identify potential hazards within concrete structures, such as embedded utilities and reinforcing steel, that could pose a risk to patient care or staff safety. GPR can also be used to detect voids and delamination in concrete, which can lead to structural instability and potential safety hazards. By using GPR for concrete scanning, hospital administrators can ensure the ongoing safety of their buildings and prevent costly repairs and downtime associated with damaged structures. Overall, concrete scanning with GPR technology has become an essential tool for hospital administrators to maintain the safety and security of their buildings, and ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients and staff.